Our Services

All services are provided either at The Tail Wag Hotel main location in High Park or in the home of a trusted Tail Wag Pack Leader.

Prices below do not include HST.

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Dog Boarding

Standard Rate: $75/night

High Needs Fee: +$10-20/night

Holiday Rate: $90/night

+$5 for puppies under one year of age

Up to 24 hours of care + up to an additional 4 hours of care at no charge (the daycare rate applies after 28 hours of care)

Doggy Daycare

Standard Rate: $50 per day

High Needs Rate: $60 per day

Holiday Rate: $65 per day

Up to 12 hours of daycare between 9am-9pm (please let us know if you require services outside of this time frame and we will do our best to accommodate).

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Dog Walking

We offer dog walking for pooches in the Ronces area.

30 Minute Walk: $25
60 Minute Walk: $35

45 Minute Private Trail Walk With a Video Compilation of the Adventure: $50 
*only for boarding and daycare clients 

Dog Obedience Classes

This service is an add on for pack members that are signed up for daycare or boarding.

30 Minute Small Group Class: $40

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Training Walks & Programs

This service can be booked as an add-on to daycare or boarding.

We will be in touch prior to the service to confirm any issues that you would like us to work on during the walks.

30 Minute Private Training Walk: $60
60 Minute Private Training Walk: $100

Please contact us for more information if you are interested in a comprehensive training package. This is highly encouraged as we believe that training the human is just as important as training the pooch!

Dog Taxi Service

We offer pick up and drop off services if your pooch needs a ride to The Tail Wag Hotel!

30 Minute Round Trip: $55
60 Minute Round Trip: $100
+$10 on Holidays

Taxi Service Hours:

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Book A Meet & Greet

Fill out the form below to book a free 15-minute Meet & Greet with us. We host all Meet and Greets on the front porch of our home in High Park 7 days a week! This is the first step in signing your pup up to join the Tail Wag Hotel pack.
You will receive an email confirmation after following the booking steps below, but feel free to reach out to us any time at 416-895-9235 (phone or text) if you have any questions or concerns.