the tail wag hotel

The Founders

Daniel, Adora, and Mio Punnett are the family that run The Tail Wag Hotel in High Park. Daniel has been a professional dog trainer for over 12 years, Adora is a psychotherapist, and Mio is working on his Doctorate in Cute-ology (yes, it’s a science!)

Although the Tail Wag Hotel is the main boarding hub, your pooch will also become acquainted with our experienced Pack Leaders who also care for pooches in their puppy safe homes. Between the hotel and your pup’s favorite back up pack leader, we can GUARANTEE availability for your pup 365 days a year! Rest assured that you will never need to scramble to find a responsible sitter to look after your pup again – even during busy holidays! We prioritize service to our Pack Members above all other inquiries. Book A Meet and Greet to learn how your pooch can join us! 

Meet Our Pack Leaders

Samantha L.

Dog Boarding, Daycare & Walking | Dundas West & Bloor

Sam is a life long dog lover and works as a doggy daycare manager. She currently boards Tail Waggers from her location in Toronto with her very well trained pup, Zuko!

What Sam loves about taking care of dogs:

“Since I could remember I’ve always been connected to dogs and always felt my most confident around them. Working with them is a total privilege I’ve never felt so at home as much as I do when I’m with the pups ✨”

Kimberly C.

Dog Boarding | GTA

Kim is a high school teacher and loves to snuggle with our Tail Waggers when school is out. She does not have any pets of her own so your pup will have her full and undivided attention! 

Kim’s caring, organized and responsible nature is the reason why she has been the go-t0 dog sitter for her friends and family for years. Your pup will have a blast under her care!

Nathan P.

Dog Boarding, Daycare & Training | The Tail Wag Hotel

Nathan is Daniel’s brother and has worked in the family’s dog training business since he was 14 years old. He has trained and rehabilitated hundreds of dogs in his career and has formed long term bonds with the pups and their families.

Nathan is an onsite pack leader at The Tail Wag hotel along with Daniel, Adora, and Mio.

Harley (aka Har Har)

Professional Snuggler / Admin Support

Harley is a long time Tail Wagger turned pup-ployee! She divides her time between snuggle sessions with the on site Pack Leaders, welcoming new pack members, and proofreading company documents.

Join Our Family

Book A Meet & Greet

Fill out the form below to book a free 15-minute Meet & Greet with us. We host all Meet and Greets on the front porch of our home in High Park 7 days a week! This is the first step in signing your pup up to join the Tail Wag Hotel pack.
You will receive an email confirmation after following the booking steps below, but feel free to reach out to us any time at 416-895-9235 (phone or text) if you have any questions or concerns.