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Are You Struggling To Train Your Dog To Listen To You And Behave Well In All Environments?

We Can Help.

We Offer Two Training Options:

✦Private Training Sessions with a Professional Dog Trainer

✦Board and Train with a Professional Dog Trainer and engage in extensive owner training after the process is complete to maintain the results

What's the Process?

Step 1: Fill out the contact form on this page

Step 2: We will contact you within 1 business day to discuss your needs and answer any of your questions.

Step 3: Complete a 45-minute consultation where we will assess your dog and determine the best program based on their current disposition and needs. Please note that all assessments take place at our location in High Park and that there is a $100+HST consultation fee for this service.

Step 4: Begin training and watch your best friend turn into the confident and respectful dog that you know they can be!

Step 5: Stay in contact with your trainer with any questions or challenges (remember, you’re never bothering us!). This ensures long-term results so you can enjoy your relationship with your dog for the rest of their life! We are committed to long-term follow up and support with all of our pack members.

Feel free to call or email us at any point along the way if you have questions or need more information about our services before the consultation.

A Few Members of Our Well Behaved Puppy Pack!

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Phone: 416-895-9235

Email: [email protected]

Our Dog Training Programs

Your Dog Will Overcome...

  • Excessive barking
  • Leash pulling / lunging
  • Separation anxiety related behaviours (hello, covid pups!)
  • Fear related behaviours (i.e., panicking around traffic, moving objects, loud sounds, etc.)
  • Jumping
  • Resource guarding
  • Over excitement
  • Poor manners around the house
  • Poor manners in new environments (i.e., doggy daycare or boarding) 
  • Not listening to their pack leaders (you!)

You Will Learn...

  • How to read your dog’s body language and adjust to their needs
  • To build a fulfilling relationship with your dog based on trust and respect
  • How to be the confident leader your dog needs to feel safe and thrive

The Poised Puppy Program

Designed for pups less than 1 year

What's Included?

✦Socialization & Exposure ✦Comprehensive Obedience ✦Foundational Dog Manners ✦Stimulating Activities for Brain Development ✦Crate & House Training (if needed) ✦Owner Training ✦Board & Train Options Available ✦Starting Price: $165 per session
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The Confident Canine Program

Designed for dogs 1 year and older

What's Included?

✦Appropriate Canine Social Skills ✦Confidence Building ✦Comprehensive Obedience ✦Manners in Different Environments ✦Crate Training (if needed) ✦Field Trips ✦Board & Train Options Available ✦Owner Training ✦Starting Price: $175 per session
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Walk & Train Programs

Designed for pups of all ages who require leash walking skills

What's Included?

✦Walking Equipment Recommendations ✦One on One Private and Customized Training Sessions ✦Loose Leash Walking ✦Problem Solving Your Dog's Specific Walking Concerns ✦2 training walks per week with phone, text, and video support in between walks ✦Starting Price: $1000 per 4 weeks
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Refresher Board and Train

Designed for Training Program Graduates Only

What's Included?

✦Perfect when going away on vacation and your pup needs a training refresher ✦Appropriate Canine Social Skills ✦Confidence Building ✦Comprehensive Obedience ✦Manners in Different Environments ✦Field Trips ✦Regular Updates ✦Starting Price: $150/night
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Client Testimonials

"These people were born to do what they do! Boysie, Daniel and Paul are what I call Dog whisperers! They really tap into the psychology of dogs and enter their mind helping us (the owners) understand what our dogs think and how they think. What I like most from their approach is that they show dog parents how to get their dog to really respect and obey them. Dogs love to be led! This creates a lot less anxiety, anger and frustration for the little ones. They trained not only my dog but my partner and I. They took the time needed to make sure my dog was fully trained and they guarantee their service as well. I’m very pleased with the results I got!!! I can truly say that my pup is a top dog and she loves them all too. They are very kind and gentle with the dogs and provide great tips even afterwards and always stay in touch. I’m very happy and highly recommend mellow vibes to any dog owner!"
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Stephanie D.
“We have been so pleased with the service and care provided in training our dog Beau. We initially brought Beau as a puppy for training and were throughly impressed with the care and understanding that Boysie and Daniel exhibit with the dogs. They followed up after training and provided ongoing coaching for minor lapses that came up once we took over. Since the training experience we have returned to board Beau from time to time. Each and every time Beau is thoroughly excited to return which is probably the best endorsement!”
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Alison A.
“To put it simply, Dan is the Man! :)...Meeting Dan, he gave us so much hope and direction. He educated us appropriately on what to expect and how to prepare ourselves for this long term commitment we need to have after Olivia's training. At that point, we couldn't wait to just get right to it. And that said, after more than a month with Dan, Olivia is living her best life so far. We are able to do everything with her now, without the fear of her causing trouble. She can stay at the daycare with no anxiety, the groomer is able to touch her face without any growls/nips..The list goes on and on. Knowing Dan, he'd reply with something like "you guys did your share too", but honestly, this really wouldn't have been POSSIBLE AT ALL without his help.”
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Kristin S.